Training enablement

We help organisations to leverage their Apprenticeship Levy fund to establish their own training business – servicing their own organisation and, if they wish, other companies.

The UK’s Apprenticeship Levy was introduced to help organisations set aside a realistic and workable sum for apprenticeship programmes. All organisations with an annual pay bill of more than £3 million are required to pay 0. 5% of their total payment (not just the element over £3 million) minus an annual levy allowance of £15,000.

Establish your own learning business

Organisations can then spend this money in the way which best suits them – which can include establishing and running a learning academy to service their own organisation. This can not only maximise budgets (since a third party isn’t charging an amount which includes a profit) but it can also ensure that the business gets exactly the right training. This is especially important for organisations in the private security sector, where training can be highly specialised and working towards recognised accreditations is extremely important.

How we can help

We work with organisations to enable them to understand how to access their apprenticeship funds and, crucially, how to use those funds in the most effective way. We help these organisations to establish their own learning business – in effect developing their own training/apprenticeships academy – to build a far more successful approach to learning.

Your own training academy must be under Ofsted’s framework and governance. We help organisations to understand and benefit from the processes, possibilities and regulatory frameworks required to establish their own academy. We help them to secure access to their own apprenticeship funding in the most effective way, applying it directly to the needs of the organisation and keeping learning within full control of the business.