Skills for Security have been officially notified that funding will cease for new starts on the Locksmith framework 571 from 1 December 2016 and from this date, there will be no further starts.

Apprentices still completing their apprenticeship on this framework will continue to do so, on their agreed funding arrangements, and their apprenticeship completion certificate can be claimed in the usual manner.

The UK Government has been making changes to apprenticeships with the approach for all new apprenticeships to be developed against employer standards.

Groups of employers (trailblazers) have been responsible for developing new apprenticeships and they have been working together to design apprenticeship standards and assessment approaches.

Skills for Security have been working with trailblazer groups to develop new frameworks and employers from the Locksmith industry have recently met to submit their expression of interest in order to develop the a framework to ensure there is a Locksmith apprenticeship going forward.

There is no other apprenticeship for Locksmith and the current scheme has enabled learners to gain a recognised qualification, expand their knowledge and has raised industry standards. Having a recognised qualification has made the industry more attractive to new recruits and has raised the professionalism of the industry and employers must come forward to show their support to develop a new framework.

If you would like to be involved with the development of the Locksmith apprenticeship or to join another trailblazer group please contact Skills for Security at [email protected] or on 01905 744000