Apprentices thrive at Lifeline

The investment that companies make in people, their staff and team, is one of the most important use of resources. Much emphasis has been paced nationally and locally on the role apprenticeships has to play in the future shaping of businesses.

Lifeline has been investing in its team members for many years, the most recent of which is James Pepperell.

Cindy Newnham, General Manager at Lifeline said, “We are living and working in an ever changing and developing technological world, and we have to adapt to it, embrace and work with these new challenges. We need to grow our own team members with new skills to develop the market we operate in and its changes and demands.

We have been extremely pleased and impressed with Skills for Security. Our apprentice, James, returns back to base after each week away training, enthused and well educated.

The Skills for Security team keep us fully up to date with his progress, and we can honestly say that this has been a very worthwhile process that we would thoroughly recommend.

James is currently on his Security Skills National Apprenticeship, which requires one week away each month.

“As James’s tutor here at Skills for Security I have been super impressed so far with his commitment, dedication and ability during each stage that he has spent with us. Learning how to be a competent and proficient engineer is not simply about being able to grasp the technical aspects of the qualification but also being able to develop a deeper understanding on how to grow as an individual and as a professional within this challenging and demanding industry. I am also happy to say that James is demonstrating the core skills and abilities that should stand as a benchmark for others wishing to succeed as an apprentice within the Security systems industry.”


David Littlejohn, Technical Manager says, “I am delighted with James’ progress, his attitude to learning and his overall work ethic is refreshing. He is a fantastic example to all. He is making excellent progress and I would say is a good three months ahead of schedule. He is a pleasure to have on our team.”

Investing in younger team members means that Lifeline are investing in the future. This also helps to develop and instil a business culture, learn and embrace new technologies, and help to realise the Islands business potential by development, coaching and helping put money back into the Island economy.

“By adopting new skills, and learning from colleagues, James and others like him will become invaluable assets. It will raise the profile of businesses, raise aspirations and also defeat the perceived low wage, low skill mentality locally” says Mark Lee Managing Director. “It proves that careers can still be built from the ground up here on the Island, without having to be drawn away to big city lights.”

Lifeline has also seen successful other apprenticeships completed, two of whom now make up the Customer Support and Operations team and another in the engineering team.

If you want to know about how you can get involved in reviewing industry apprenticeships or how you can develop a new one please contact Skills for Security and register your interest at [email protected] or on 01905 744000