Apprenticeships are changing. Companies should change too.

Today’s apprenticeships offer organisations greater flexibility than ever before. We can help you to create an apprenticeship strategy that embraces this flexibility.

Today’s apprenticeships can work better for you.

We all know how apprenticeships work, right? Well, in many cases, what we ‘know’ about apprenticeships is no longer true. Here are just three examples:

  • Apprenticeships are for the young. Not true: today, apprentices can be almost any age. This means that you’re no longer tied to taking on just education leavers – older, more experienced employees can train, via an apprenticeship, for a new career.
  • Apprentices have to start at fixed term-times. Not true: apprenticeships are not tied to a September start, they can begin learning at almost any time.
  • To be paid from the apprenticeship levy fund, apprenticeship training has to be provided by third parties. Not true: in many instances, organisations which have a levy fund can create their own academy.

We can help

Skills for Security can help any organisation – not just those within the private security sector – to understand and embrace the way apprenticeships work today. We can enable organisations to develop modern apprenticeship strategies that are optimised for their business and maximise the use of their levy fund.

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