AEGIS Online E-Learning

Accredited Courses

  • RACFA Medical Training
  • Close Protection Course
Esoteric Ltd

Accredited Courses

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Galahad Associates

Galahad Associates is recognised and approved by Skills for Security as an Accredited Training Provider.

Galahad Associates Ltd. is a global security and risk management company that offers a wide range of services, which revolves around the planning, design and implementation of comprehensive security solutions

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Bold Communications

Accredited Courses

  • Bold Gemini Operator Training CCTV Module
  • Bold Gemini Operator Training Course


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Accredited Courses

  • Safety & Security Focal Point Programme

Accredited Courses

  • Level 2 Award for General Purpose Security Dog Handler Team
  • NTIPDU Level 3 Detection Dog and Handler


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Specialised Training Services

Accredited Courses

  • Community Safety Accreditation Course


Visit Specialised Training Services Essex website.



Accredited Courses

  • Physical Intervention Trainers and Trainers requalification


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Status Search Training

Accredited Courses

  • Screening & Searching People Course
  • Searching Pupils and Students for Weapons, Drugs and Other Prohibited Items Training Course
  • Security Search Operations Course (Train the Trainer also available)
    • Module A: The Threat
    • Module B: Searching People and Bags
    • Module C: Searching Vehicles
    • Module D: Buildings
    • Module C: open Areas
  • The Association of Colleges – Gangs in Colleges Workshop
  • The Hostile Intruder in Education Workshop
  • Dealing with Difficult People (Conflict Management & Personal Safety)


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Control Risks

Accredited Courses

  • Edexcel Level 3 BTEC Award in Close Protection Operations
Mission Training

Accredited Courses

  • Rigid Handcuff Training Programme
  • Pit Safety Training Course
  • Evasive and Defensive Driver Training Course


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Training For Success

Accredited Courses

  • Personal Safety for Managers
  • Drugs Awareness in the Workplace
  • Investigative Interviewing for Managers
  • Robbery Response Programme
  • Hostage, Kidnap & Ransom Programme
  • Profit Protection Law
  • Investigative Interviewing (e-learning)
  • Keeping Yourself Safe(e-learning)
  • Lone Working: A Practical Guide(e-learning)
  • Crime on Videotape: Robbery(e-learning)
  • Crime on Videotape: Shoplifting(e-learning)
  • Home Office Community Safety Accrediation Scheme(e-learning)
  • Tweeting and Facebook: How to manage the corporate risk? (e-learning)
  • I’m a Security Guard-Help me out of here?(e-learning)


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