SIA Compliant Training Packages

Skills for Security has developed a "ready to teach" cost effective training solution to help employers and training providers deliver the SIA licence-linked qualifications.

Each training pack consists of:

  • lesson plans,
  • exercises,
  • scenarios,
  • presentation slides,
  • video clips,
  • handouts for the learner.

These training packs are based on National Occupational Standards and are suitable for use with all awarding organisations!

The training packs are sold under licence, with an initial fee being paid and then a yearly renewal fee.

The benefits of this approach are:

  • 2 discs with each licence; additional copies available at reduced fee
  • Free updates whenever changes are made to legislation
  • Comprehensive lesson Plans and PowerPoint handouts
  • A detailed Learner Hand book that you can print out at no additional cost
  •  Confidence that the training being delivered is accurate and in line with SIA specifications
  •  Cost-effective method of keeping abreast of latest training issues
  • Easy way to demonstrate compliance during external audits
  • Takes the pressure off trainers having to check and buy new materials every time changes to regulations are  made
  • Cost-effective renewals: £85 and £72 (subscribers) +VAT; additional copies at £15 and £12 +VAT respectively


How does it works

  • The material runs from the disc every time you use it so no need to install the software to a machine
  • The disc can be used on a different PC so is suitable for trainers using alternative delivery venues


We recommend using the training packs with conjunction with our Licence to practise handbooks. The handbooks are designed to support the learners in achieving their security qualifications.